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3D Virtual Platform Experience | Metaverse Hub

What is Metaverse Hub?

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A fully content managed, 3D virtual experience platform bringing a global audience together in the metaverse.

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The concept of Metaverse Hub was born out of a realisation that the ways in which organisations reach their audiences is changing and that there needs to be new and interactive ways to connect and maximise exposure and opportunity.

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Metaverse Hub has been designed and developed by a group of organisations with years of experience in the technology, events, marketing and hospitality industries.

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Custom 3D virtual environments offer the perfect way to deliver WOW moments and boost brand awareness. With Metaverse Hub, you can create interactive spaces that can be accessed directly from a web browser, allowing viewers to explore and engage with your brand story at their own pace.

This technology makes it easy to create memorable experiences that can be revisited anytime, providing a fun and engaging way for customers and employees alike to experience your brand first-hand!

Deliver extraordinary
online experiences

Are you looking to bring life to your brand or business?

Metaverse Hub allows customers, visitors and employees to discover your products, services and information through custom 3D virtual environments.

Show off visuals of products and services with Augmented Reality, communicate with people directly with live chat features, and make onboarding an unforgettable experience. The metaverse offers limitless possibilities of merging physical and digital worlds!

Make your mark today with the unique world that only you can create.

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Why use Metaverse Hub?

Hear what some of our customers have to say about working with Metaverse Hub:

“Working with the team on the event was a great experience. The team was very responsive”

Alexandra Parlour – Sony

“It is a really exciting new step for us to be able to offer this kind of truly immersive virtual event experience to our customers.”

Damien Weissenburger – Sony

“Wow what an experience”

Nick Wilson – COPtimism

“An amazing opportunity to create a Metaverse exhibition for Digital Fashion Week.”

Clare Tattersall – Digital Fashion Week NY

“The 3D format of the exhibition was incredibly engaging whilst having minimal environmental impact. A real success and a win-win-win”

Douglas O’Neill – INNTEL

“The platform created was beautiful and gave a unique experience for brand sponsors and attendees alike.”

Kate Hutchinson – COP26

Uniquely immersive, custom 3D virtual environments

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