4 Tips for Successful Virtual Onboarding of New Employees

Virtual onboarding is the process of onboarding new hires in a completely remote or virtual workspace. With the right strategies and tools, virtual onboarding can be just as effective as traditional face-to-face onboarding experiences. Here are our top tips to help you get started with virtual onboarding.

Set Guidelines and Expectations

Successful virtual onboarding starts with setting clear guidelines and expectations for your new hire. Make sure you explain what type of communication tools they will be using and the expected response time for their questions, emails, or tasks. Communicate that the onboarding process should be completed within a certain amount of time and that successful onboarding leads to productivity sooner.

Involve Team Members in Onboarding Process

Connecting new employees with their peers and other team members is an important part of the onboarding process. Having team members available to answer questions, provide guidance, and help new hires get comfortable with the work environment can be invaluable. Consider designating a mentor who can offer support through every step of the onboarding process and check in regularly to ensure that all expectations have been met.

Use a Virtual Reality Platform to Create an Engaging Online Environment

Utilising a Virtual Reality Platform can help to create an immersive and engaging virtual onboarding experience for new hires. This type of platform gives employees the opportunity to explore their workspace in fine detail, reducing their feeling of unfamiliarity with their new environment. Additionally, using features such as virtual white boards and chat can provide a more interactive and social feel than traditional video conferencing tools.

Greet New Employees Online in Your Custom-Branded Metaverse

Make an impression with your new employees before they even start working with you! Utilise a custom-branded metaverse to create an online environment that is welcoming, inclusive and incorporates your company’s branding. These customised spaces can be used for greeting new hires, conducting virtual onboarding classes or interviews, or even hosting teambuilding activities. Create an engaging experience that helps make the transition for new employees smoother and less intimidating.

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