New Groundbreaking Anti-Racist Curriculum

In a recent project, mXreality Limited partnered with Cardiff Vale College, sponsored by the Llywodraeth Cymru / Welsh Government, to develop the World’s First Anti-Racism Further Education (FE) fully immersive and interactive curriculum.  These immersive experiences utilised the Metaverse Hub platform.

This landmark initiative, launched by the Welsh Government, aims to develop an anti-racist society and educational system, making Wales the first country committed to this cause by 2030.

anti racist welsh curriculum in the metaverse

As part of the Anti-Racist Wales Action plan, the Welsh Government has collaborated with Cardiff and Vale College to create an immersive metaverse, revolutionizing the way students engage with learning materials. This metaverse, developed in conjunction with ethnic minority experts from schools, colleges, universities, and third parties, is the world’s first anti-racist virtual world, designed to provide an accessible and immersive learning experience for learners of all ages.

Through this interactive space, users can hear the lived experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic people, access a wide range of subject resources, and explore a World Timeline that provides an unfiltered historical perspective.

Accessible through the website this resource extends its impact beyond Wales. With an expanding network of international collaborators and education experts, it holds global relevance and offers tremendous possibilities for learners worldwide.

The curriculum materials provided within the metaverse cater to various educational levels, from schools to Further Education colleges and universities. While primarily designed for FE students studying at Level 2 or 3, the metaverse’s versatility ensures learners from all sectors can engage with its resources.

“We are proud to lead this unique and innovative investment in the Welsh curriculum. The Anti-Racist Curriculum marks an important first step, but our work does not end here. With the support and investment from the Welsh Government, we look forward to collaborating with partners and stakeholders from all sectors to further develop resources and broaden the audience benefiting from this initiative.”

Sharon James, Principal | Cardiff and Vale College

“We are honored to join forces with the Welsh Government in delivering this groundbreaking Anti-Racist Curriculum for Wales. Through our immersive metaverse, we aim to provide learners of all ages with an accessible and transformative educational experience. This initiative is a crucial step towards fostering an anti-racist society, and we are excited to collaborate with partners and stakeholders to expand its reach and impact.”

Majid Al-Kadar, CEO | Metaverse Hub

“This is a landmark curriculum which has been created by a talented team of people who come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. It is a curriculum that has been led by lived experience and ally-ship, one which sets out to enlighten the understanding of our shared history. Across a range of curriculum areas and housed in the very first Anti-racism virtual world, it is our hope that this resource acts as the catalyst for real change in how we educate the next generation.”

Yusuf Ibrahim Anti-Racist Curriculum, Programme Leader Assistant Principal | Cardiff and Vale College


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