Digital Fashion in the Metaverse

Digital Fashion in the Metaverse

The fashion industry has been loved for decades but did we ever think we could combine it with the digital world? With the pandemic, there has been a massive increase in the usage of social media and the internet as it was the only way we could connect, forcing industries to adapt to this new way of living. However, will we ever go back to what our normal was or will it be forever hybrid… In this post, we will discuss how the fashion industry is becoming part of the ‘new normal’.

 So, what is the metaverse?

If this is your first time hearing about the metaverse you may be a little confused.

To put it simply, Google’s definition for the metaverse is:

‘a virtual-reality space where users can interact in an online environment with other users.’

We have previously written a blog discussing Why the Metaverse is the Future? This blog went into some detail explaining many different elements of the metaverse and its advancements.

However, the main question for today is…

How will the metaverse impact the fashion industry?

Well, there are many positives when it comes to digital! The main one being that it’s more environmentally friendly. Digital fashion will allow designers to express and create their work all virtually, without the risk of damaging the environment with wasted materials, and users throwing unwanted clothing in landfills. Fast fashion is currently a major issue as the expected garment duration is 2.2 years, according to WRAP. While many clothes are being dumped in landfills with tags still on!

Digital fashion could not only help the environment, but it will allow the limitless possibilities of:

  • Fully customisable garments
  • Creative freedom
  • Unlimited supply

We have already seen some of the world’s most iconic brands create outfits and garments for the metaverse. Some of these garments could not even be physically replicated in the real world due to such extravagant ideas and pieces.

So, how will fashion be featured in the metaverse?

In recent years Non-fungible tokens, otherwise known as NFTs, have become mainstream, with people buying these and them nearly doubling in value! Non-fungible tokens allow people to claim digital assets that are stored on the blockchain.

In August 2021, Louis Vuitton released a mobile block-chain based application called ‘Louis the Game’ to commemorate his 200th birthday. The game took users through six different parts of his life and its aim was to collect 200 birthday candles while exploring. During this experience, users could also find NFTs which could not be sold after collecting.

However, Louis Vuitton was not the only fashion brand that has played its part in the metaverse:


In 2021, Gucci partnered with Roblox to create a 2 weeklong virtual garden where players could roam and buy digital Gucci items. The highest bid went for $4,115; this was the Gucci Dionysus which sold for 350,000 Robux.

Digital Fashion in the Metaverse | The Benefits and its Potential | The Benefits and its Potential | 3D Virtual Platform Experience | Metaverse Hub

Source: Gucci’s Virtual Garden


Dolce & Gabbana

Digital Fashion in the Metaverse | The Benefits and its Potential | The Benefits and its Potential | 3D Virtual Platform Experience | Metaverse Hub

Source: Dolce & Gabbana collaboration with UNXD

Dolce & Gabbana collaborated with UNXD to bring out the first blockchain-based digital fashion. Users could buy via auction, with the highest bid reaching $1.25 million. This was a piece called the Doge Crown which features seven blue sapphires and over 140 diamonds.


Digital Fashion in the Metaverse | The Benefits and its Potential | The Benefits and its Potential | 3D Virtual Platform Experience | Metaverse Hub

Source: Fortnite X Balenciaga

Balenciaga has designed four virtual outfits for one week starting from the 20th September 2021. However, this collaboration also had a non-virtual element. Limited edition Fortnite X Balenciaga t-shirts, hoodies and hats were sold as real pieces.

This isn’t the only time the two brands have collaborated. Balenciaga also created their own video game called the Afterworld to debut their Autumn 2021 collection.

Now, many people remain sceptical about how the metaverse and NFTs could ever become truly popular. So far however, they have been proven wrong. With creators being able to sell their art for millions as well as investors buying NFTs and them doubling (sometimes even quadrupling) in value, could this be the new craze?


Digital Fashion Events

There is no denying that within the fashion industry, Fashion Weeks are some of the most important dates in the calendar for fashion experts, designers, and students. Hundreds of people attend theses events while millions watch clips online from the comfort of their own homes.

However, with the pandemic at its peak in 2020, the notorious Paris Fashion Week was taken virtually. On July 9th – 13th the men’s SS21 looks were showcased. The event was organized by French fashion’s governing body the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (FHCM). Each designer was allocated a time slot during the three days but could be streamed at a later date, making it accessible to anyone… anywhere.

And that’s not the only digital fashion event that is happening. From the 10th of February until the 13th February 2022, Digital Fashion Week NY will be taking place! Step into the future with a Metaverse fashion show featuring some of the world’s best digital designers. Wander through the exquisite Metaverse fashion experience, chat with the designers, visit their boutiques, buy NFT fashion, take a ride in a virtual hot air balloon and watch a fashion show with music from DJ Cherish the Luv.

Digital Fashion in the Metaverse | The Benefits and its Potential | The Benefits and its Potential | 3D Virtual Platform Experience | Metaverse Hub

Hosting one of the virtual experiences, Metaverse Hub, are proud technology sponsors of this event as we help create experiences, webinars and even feature in some of the panel discussions for the event.

You can get your tickets now from –  and look forward to experiencing the metaverse!


In conclusion…

The metaverse is here to stay and will continue to advance and develop in multiple industries including the fashion industry. Many people will remain sceptical however well-known brands and events are evidence as to how successful the metaverse is and will become.

In many ways, we’ve had to adapt to our once normal life as technology was the only way of communication, so a hybrid way of living could be our new normal.

Let us know your thoughts…

Author: Charlotte Lock

Published: 4th February 2022

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