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Welcome to the latest news on Metaverse Hub, the cutting-edge virtual events platform revolutionising the way we connect and engage in immersive digital experiences

Latest News

  • Published On: November 15, 2023
    One year of Metaverse Hub

    It's been one year since the re-brand of Metaverse Hub, and we're so excited to celebrate this milestone with you! We've come a long way in that year, and we're grateful for all of your support along the way. Over the last year, we’ve connected people from all over ...

  • Published On: August 11, 2023
    The Metaverse: Education Beyond Boundaries

    In a pioneering partnership with MX Reality and Metaverse Hub, Cardiff and Vale College is making history by introducing an innovative and groundbreaking Anti-Racist Curriculum. It marks a crucial step in the Welsh Government's vision to create an anti-racist society and educational system, positioning Wales as the first country ...

  • Published On: November 3, 2022
    Becoming Metaverse Hub

    Our Journey So Far... In 2020, V-Gather was created to meet the industry demands for an interactive digital space. Fast forward two years and V-Gather is rebranding to become Metaverse Hub. We are once again developing to meet and exceed the needs of our customers in a wide ...

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A fully content-managed, 3D virtual experience platform bringing a global audience together in the Metaverse.

No, Metaverse Hub is browser-based.

Metaverse Hub is recommended to be accessed on a laptop or a pc.

Metaverse Hub is designed to run on Tablets, PCs and Laptops.

To navigate around the environments you can use your mouse to click and drag or use the AWSD keys.

Virtual experiences can help you to create an exceptional user experience, as well as giving you the ability to explore and interact with an environment in a new and engaging way.

Metaverse Hub is suitable for a variety of industries some of which are: retail, education, onboarding, workspaces, events and conferences.

Yes, Metaverse Hub enables you to create a digital twin of your physical office and allows your teams to experience a hybrid collaborate way of working

Yes Metaverse Hub has scaled to support over 50,000 concurrent users

Yes – Metaverse Hub is designed and deployed using Microsoft Azure server infrastructure

No, it’s like buying a house. Once you have bought the structure, you can decorate it however you want, such as; putting the television on the wall or having it free standing, as well as changing the colours of the carpets and walls. So by using this analogy, Metaverse Hub will help you if your house needs an extension.

Metaverse Hub is constantly updated with at least two major releases per annum

Users are able to upload various media formats (png, jpeg, pdf, mp4 etc) into the platform using the integrated content management system.

Yes – Metaverse Hubs architecture allows you to create and join multiple (differently themed) rooms together

Graphics card: 2GB minimum

RAM: 8GB minimum

Google Chrome: 64-bit

Yes, we do support simple object and NFT procurement