One year of Metaverse Hub

It’s been one year since the re-brand of Metaverse Hub, and we’re so excited to celebrate this milestone with you! We’ve come a long way in that year, and we’re grateful for all of your support along the way.

Over the last year, we’ve connected people from all over the world, shared informative webinars, created a brand-new product and worked on one of our biggest projects to date.

Take a look at some of the key milestones we have achieved over the last twelve months and discover more about the customers we have supported, from training and education to blockchain to creating the world’s first anti-racism metaverse.

The launch of our new product Metaverse Campus

In June 2023, we launched a revolutionary product for the training and education sector to allow organisations the opportunity to elevate their learner’s education experience.

Metaverse Campus was created for organisations to elevate the way they deliver information through a fully interactive 3D environment.

Metaverse Campus is a web-based immersive and interactive virtual website where visitors can freely move around to discover your content. The campus can be customised to include your branding and uploaded with your information.

Built on the Metaverse Hub Framework, Metaverse Campus is a fully content-managed, immersive, configurable, 3D environment. You can add your branding, upload, update and manage your content to create a unique experience for your learners, tutors and other visitors to your Metaverse Campus.


Created the first anti-racist virtual world with mXreality, Cardiff and Vale College and the Welsh Government

In 2022 the Welsh Government announced that it was committed to ensuring Wales will be an anti-racist country by 2030 – the first country to make this commitment. A key part of its Anti-Racist Wales Action plan has been to develop an anti-racist curriculum.

The curriculum is in the form of a metaverse – the first anti-racist virtual world. This innovative development, led by Cardiff and Vale College on behalf of the Welsh Government, provides an accessible and immersive learning experience developed and produced in collaboration with ethnic minority experts from schools, colleges, universities and third parties.

As the first nation to invest in an anti-racist virtual curriculum, the project has seen a growing base of international collaborators and education experts. Accessible through the website this resource extends its impact beyond Wales.

The Anti-Racism Metaverse contains four key areas where users can have engaging experiences, including hearing the lived experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic people, and resources across a range of subject areas. It will also feature a World Timeline, the first of its kind, providing a timeline of history that is “unfiltered” adding breadth and depth to the traditional curriculum.

This metaverse, developed in conjunction with ethnic minority experts from schools, colleges, universities, and third parties, is the world’s first anti-racist virtual world, designed to provide an accessible and immersive learning experience for learners of all ages.

Worked on one of our biggest projects to date – Cardano Summit 2022

Soon after the re-brand of Metaverse Hub, in November 2022, Cardano Summit 2022 went live.

Metaverse Hub worked in partnership with First Event to deliver the online component for the Cardano Hybrid Annual Global Summit to ensure they aligned with the physical event we created a digital twin of the Swiss Tech Conference Centre In Lausanne Switzerland.

A dedicated team of graphic designers, 3D modellers, system engineers, programme and project management, QA and a support team worked in partnership with Cardano and First Event to design and build the online fully interactive immersive 3D environment to support the hybrid event. We delivered:

  • Virtual venue

A 3D digital twin of the Swiss Tech Conference Centre with an auditorium, two conference rooms, sponsors stands, an NFT exhibition zone, garden exhibition room.

  • Discover

Fully interactive stands with media such as videos, QR codes, external links and brochures for virtual attendees to watch, access and download.

  • Live streams

Live-streamed conference sessions from the physical event. Real-time interactions between the virtual and physical attendees were made possible via moderated chat.

  • Mini game

A secret game room where virtual attendees were able to go on a treasure hunt that allowed them to collect cryptocurrency rewards along the way.

The outcome of the team’s hard work was 44k registered users, 48 live stream sessions which are also now available to watch on-demand and 3.8k group chat messages.


Continuous improvements

Our growth hasn’t just been from projects, our incredible team of experts have been upgrading and making changes to our product to ensure we have our competitive edge and bring the best possible experience to customers and visitors.

Some of the innovative features that the company has developed for the platform include:

Content Management – We have built a comprehensive back-end system that gives control and flexibility to manage and update content and branding within the environment.

This feature is one of the unique selling points of the platform as it allows you to take ownership of your environment and its content. More importantly, you can update it as required to keep it current and aligned with real-world organisational changes.

Browser-Based – Metaverse Hub is an online browser-based platform which is accessible using modern browsers on a wide range of desktop/laptop devices. It can also be accessed on modern tablet devices. There is no requirement to install or download any software or application, and it doesn’t rely on any special hardware. This feature means that there is only one version of the platform (therefore easier to maintain) and it is accessible to a wide variety of users, reducing the barrier to entry.

Secure and Scalable – Our platform is built into a secure Microsoft Azure cloud-based infrastructure. System data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and all data stored in the system is used to provide and facilitate the service and enhance the user experience. This feature gives large, established organisations confidence about the company and its platform, knowing that it is using industry-standard technology and security protocols, and can grow in line with their needs.

User Experience – Our unique approach allows users to walk freely around the 3D environments we create. They are not limited in their discovery by following pre-prescribed paths or moving via animated hot spots. The user is truly in control of what they see when they see it and how often they want to immerse themselves in the experience.

Analytics – We provide all organisers with a detailed statistical report, which is available on the platform which provides data on how many users have entered the environment, accessed certain areas, clicked on different resources, how long on average they have spent in the environment, etc. The report also includes a visual footfall graph to show on a day-by-day basis or throughout the day, how many people accessed the environment.

Through continuous and ongoing research and development, investment from client projects and stakeholders, responding to feedback from users, and working with the latest technologies, the company has created a product that gives the end user a uniquely immersive experience accessible day and night without requiring any special hardware or software.

And that’s a wrap on our first-anniversary celebration! We hope you enjoyed this look back at some of the amazing things that have happened at Metaverse Hub over the past year.

We’re so grateful for the support of our community, and we’re excited to see what the next year brings. As we continue to grow and evolve, we’re committed to providing our users with the best possible metaverse experience.

So stay tuned for more exciting things to come! In the meantime, be sure to follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on all the latest news and announcements.

Thank you for being a part of Metaverse Hub!

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