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As the world strides towards greater understanding and acceptance, MetaDiverse delivers a revolutionary platform to champion EDI.


An immersive showroom experience used to uniquely engage your customers & installers. Share your products & services in the metaverse with seamless customer experience.

mXreality Metaverse

mXreality created its own metaverse hub for potential customers to explore their solutions and understand how they can improve business operations and learning.

Metaverse Learning Campus

An immersive and interactive 3D environment that allows users to explore and discover more about the company’s programs, consortia model and values.

Mission Sustainability

Enzen and mXreality created an online game themed around climate change. The pupils could learn about energy-saving tips by collecting tokens.

XTEND Digital Campus

A digital twin of USP Colloge’s new XTEND Digital Campus which allows students to explore the facilities, interact with faculty and staff as well as attend events.

Anti-Racism Metaverse

Top-class 3D experience using the Metaverse Hub platform! The first anti-racist virtual world, designed to provide an accessible and immersive learning experience for learners.

Metaverse Campus

Our highly immersive environment turns students into active immersed learners instead of passive consumers of information.

Cardano Summit 2022

We worked in partnership with First Event to bring Cardano’s virtual summit lodge to life and allow attendees to experience the digital twin of the event from anywhere in the world.


A unique onboarding experience developed for Roche to immerse their new hires in a 3D environment and prepare them for the workplace.

London South East Colleges

To ensure students had all the information they needed and were prepared for their first day, Metaverse Hub and London South East colleges developed an online induction day.


An innovative approach to provide exceptional customer service and a unique digital factory tour.

Digital Fashion Week NY

Starting 2022, V-Gather partnered with Digital Fashion Week NY to host an exceptional virtual experience as part of their annual event.

Cardiff & Vale College

Cardiff and Vale College commission a virtual space where prospective students and staff can engage and explore courses and offerings in a novel way.


SONY launched their 2021 products with a 100% virtual experience called SPARK 2021.


Leading up to COP26, planetSHINE hosted a hybrid event to discuss climate change. The virtual experience accompanied the live event at Glasgow.

Metaverse Learning

Metaverse Learning Virtual Hub: When a Virtual Hub becomes the extension of your website, with all the necessary information in a single space.

Hotels Event

In partnership with Inntel, an event was held with several major hotel chains like Hilton and Radisson having their own stands.

Metaverse Hub

If a website was a virtual environment, it would be a Virtual Hub.

Tutorial 1

How To Edit and Configure Virtual Environments: Our system is very easy to use. Here’s our tutorial for customizing virtual environments.

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A fully content-managed, 3D virtual experience platform bringing a global audience together in the Metaverse.

No, Metaverse Hub is browser-based.

Metaverse Hub is recommended to be accessed on a laptop or a pc.

Metaverse Hub is designed to run on Tablets, PCs and Laptops.

To navigate around the environments you can use your mouse to click and drag or use the AWSD keys.

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Virtual experiences can help you to create an exceptional user experience, as well as giving you the ability to explore and interact with an environment in a new and engaging way.

Metaverse Hub is suitable for a variety of industries some of which are: retail, education, onboarding, workspaces, events and conferences.

Yes, Metaverse Hub enables you to create a digital twin of your physical office and allows your teams to experience a hybrid collaborate way of working

Yes Metaverse Hub has scaled to support over 50,000 concurrent users

Yes – Metaverse Hub is designed and deployed using Microsoft Azure server infrastructure

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No, it’s like buying a house. Once you have bought the structure, you can decorate it however you want, such as; putting the television on the wall or having it free standing, as well as changing the colours of the carpets and walls. So by using this analogy, Metaverse Hub will help you if your house needs an extension.

Metaverse Hub is constantly updated with at least two major releases per annum

Users are able to upload various media formats (png, jpeg, pdf, mp4 etc) into the platform using the integrated content management system.

Yes – Metaverse Hubs architecture allows you to create and join multiple (differently themed) rooms together

Graphics card: 2GB minimum

RAM: 8GB minimum

Google Chrome: 64-bit

Yes, we do support simple object and NFT procurement