Metaverse Hub is the ultimate online platform for organising and hosting a virtual event experience whether standalone or as part of a hybrid event.

From exhibitions to community gatherings, the applications are endless.

Visitors can explore your exhibition hall in 3D, taking their avatar through each stand to download information, book live chats and watch videos.

Our virtual conference hall gives your users access to a memorable seminar experience that can be accessed on the day or post-event.

Triangle | 3D Virtual Platform Experience | Metaverse Hub
3D Virtual Platform Experience | Metaverse Hub

Challenge – Events play a huge part in the success of a brand or organisation. Trying to engage customers and partners with traditional webinar based platforms does not provide a customer experience that is engaging, immersive or fully interactive which impacts your brand perception and customer experience

Solution – The Metaverse Hub platform gives organisations a new option and delivers a fully immersive 3D virtual space. You can easily design, build and manage events that enhance customer experience.

Unique Content management tools allow event and stand managers to easily control the branding, design and interactions with their customers. Users are able to move around freely, interact with brands and collaborate with each other. The rich integrated analytics engine provides qualified insight into customer behaviour and interaction.

Metaverse Hub in action

Cardano Summit 2022

We worked in partnership with First Event to bring Cardano’s virtual summit lodge to life and allow attendees to experience the digital twin of the event from anywhere in the world.

Digital Fashion Week NY

Starting 2022, Metaverse Hub partnered with Digital Fashion Week NY to host an exceptional virtual experience as part of their annual event.


Leading up to COP26, planetSHINE hosted a hybrid event to discuss climate change. The virtual experience accompanied the live event at Glasgow.

Hotels Event

In partnership with Inntel, an exciting virtual event promoted several major hotel chains with big brands such as Hilton and Radisson hosting their own Metaverse stands.

Metaverse Hub Hall

This is an example of all our virtual experiences, along with what our platform is capable of.