Promote your products in innovative and exciting environment.

See your showroom, shop or retail space come to life online with the Metaverse Hub 3D platform and give your customers the opportunity to experience your products in their home environment through augmented reality.

They can find specifications, watch videos and explore your product in detail in the Metaverse before an appointment with your representatives on video chat or in real life.

Triangle | 3D Virtual Platform Experience | Metaverse Hub
3D Virtual Platform Experience | Metaverse Hub

Challenge – The Metaverse is the future of retail environments, a place to merge the physical and virtual world. Retailers are being challenged to be a part of this futuristic environment which can be daunting with new and emerging technology. Space needs to be created that will engage users, promote products and support sales.

Solution – Metaverse Hub gives retailers an edge in a digital environment allowing your customers to interact with lifelike 3D models which are presented in fully interactive branded environments. Users can experience products in their own surroundings using AR, collect product information and have real-time interactions with your team.

Retailer spaces are available as unique stand-alone environments within the Metaverse or as part of an existing space (like a virtual shopping centre).

Metaverse Hub in action


An immersive showroom experience used to uniquely engage your customers & installers. Share your products & services in the metaverse with seamless customer experience.

ADA Cosmetics

This is what the showroom or store for a cosmetics company could look like. The experience includes QR codes that lead to AR product visualisation.


An innovative approach to provide exceptional customer service and a unique digital factory tour.


SONY launched their 2021 products with a 100% virtual experience called SPARK 2021.