Bring your employees together for effective, online collaboration.

Create a virtual hub for your employees or online community. Bring everyone together to meet, discuss and interact with each other. Interactions in this 3D environment surpass anything that the 2D world can deliver making engagements more meaningful and impactful.

You can create links to all of your own external resources including R&D, policies, procedures and standards. Metaverse Hub can be your complete content management system.

Triangle | 3D Virtual Platform Experience | Metaverse Hub
3D Virtual Platform Experience | Metaverse Hub

Challenge – Hybrid working is posing challenges for effective team working across multiple industries. Traditional online collaboration tools constrain intuitive collaboration and innovation.

Solution – Metaverse Hub enables organisations and team leaders to build highly interactive and immersive meeting spaces that replicate traditional office environments.

Bring your team together from wherever they are in the world to freely collaborate in an immersive 3D environment, interacting with each other to develop ideas and strategies.

Metaverse Hub in action

Metaverse Hub in action

Metaverse Hub Virtual Learning: When a Virtual Hub becomes the extension of your website, with all the necessary information in a single space.